Our CubeSat mode is designed to facilitate the creation of low-cost CubeSat-class satellites.  Reducing the cost of spacecraft development in this form factor allows spacecraft development efforts to be funded from teaching funds, instead of requiring faculty to seek research funds to conduct this activity. Using teaching funds (instead of research funds) facilitates greater student leadership and involvement, as it reduces the risk of mission failure to the responsible faculty member. Additionally, as teaching funds are generally recurring, this approach facilitates incorporation of the small satellite program in curriculum on a year-upon-year basis.


Engineering Components Including:


2 pairs Bridge Single Board Computer with the CubeSat PC104 connectors
1 Antenna Monopole 868/915 MHz
1 Core with SD Card Interface
1 Dual AA Intelligent Battery Power Pack
1 LoRa Radio (915 MHz)
2 10-Pack xBUS Connectors


Climate Sensors including:  

1 VOC & eCO2 sensors
1 IMU 9DoF sensor
1 UVA, UVB, Light sensors


Solar Panel (Optional upon mission request)


Ground station:

1 Antenna Monopole 868/915 MHz
1 Wi-Fi Core
1 USB Programming Interface
1 OLED Display 128x64
1 LoRa Radio (915 MHz)
1 10-Pack BUS Connectors


Contact us to learn more about the price of KSF Space NanoSatellite Model. For advanced instruments and payload, please contact us for discussion and pricing.


The price does not include training and consulting but general documentation and manual. For training and consulting, please contact us for pricing and training program.


Interested universities/ schools willing to purchase our model with launch services, please note, we do offer two launch options (Latex / Zero pressure balloon or through space rockets to LEO via our launch partners in the USA, Europe and Asia) price of our CubeSat model does not including launch option. You may need to contact us to discuss your budget for launch altitude, wight and launch vehicle.


KSF Space CubeSat NanoSatellite Model, the CHEAPEST CubeSat in Small Sat Industry

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