​​​The World’s First “NEP Certification”: A KSF Space Perspective (Story)

KSF Space Assistance For Student Training With Smallsats

KSF Space reveals first ever world’s “NEP Certification” for space education and industry (Satellite-Evolution magazine U.K.)

KSF Space helps universities to construct ground segment to track CubeSat missions

KSF Space signs MOU with Interorbital Systems (Satellite-Evolution magazine U.K.)

KSF SPACE signs NDA with EXOS AEROSPACE (Press Release by Exos Aeropsace)

Chatting With The Astronauts Facilitated By KSF Space

​KSF Space signs NDA with Exos Aerospace (SatNews)

​KSF Space to support live communication with ISS crew for academic sectors

MNSAT International Conference by KSF Space    (Sat-Evolution UK)

KSF Space will launch EOSS mission under the IFGICT climate change initiative (Sat-Evo Magazine UK)

Earth Observation Small Satellite Mission Now a Funding Campaign by KSF Space (Satnews Magazine US)

MNSAT Int. Conference by KSF Space (Geoconnexion Magazine UK)

KSF Space will launch EOSS mission under the IFGICT climate change initiative (geoconnexion magazine UK)

​​MNSAT: IFGICT to work with KSF Space Mapping to protect environment

Nanosatellite Engineering Professional Certification From KSF Space To Make A Difference "NEP Certificate"  (Sat News US)

The First Nanosatellite Engineering Professional Certificate Developed by KSF Space Foundation Engineers (intelligent-aerospace Magazine)

Space Taxi" Under Development by KSF Space and Coretech Inc. (Satnews)​​

KSF Space ISS Contact Press Release- Arabic Version

Les étudiants de l'Ensias à la rencontre des astronautes de l'ISS (French Version) 

Le Maroc, premier pays arabe à communiquer avec la station spatiale ISS (French Version)

KSF Space: News  & Press Release 

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