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​​​KSSpace Together ! We go to Space 

Intersteller Space, Inc has designed a hybrid rocket engine (IS-100) that will be used in their Satori 1 launch vehicle in the future. Satori 1 is a single stage to orbit launch vehicle that is geared towards the small satellite industry that will be capable of hauling 150kg to 500km orbit from a complete mobile launch platform.

SATORI Space Vehicle Rocket

A concept model by Interstellar Space & KSF Space 

  • Toroidal Spike engine that produce 4000+ pounds of thrust per engine.
  • LOX and Methane
  • Low pressure fuel tanks
  • High pressure intermediate tanks
  • 9 IS-100 engines “Hybrid spike engine”
  • Capable of delivering 250kg to LEO and 150kg to GSO